New doublehull inland tanker DETTMER TANK 140 in operation

By Peter Pospiech at May 15, 2013 05:07
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Europe‘s largest family shipping company invests in fleet expansion

B.Dettmer Reederei GmbH&Co.KG, Bremen, largest European family owned inland shipping company, transports with most modern ships up to 3.500 t loading capacity as well as tug-barges up to 6.000 t goods of all kinds on the European inland waterway systems. It is a company maxim to invest continuously in the latest state of the art tank ships.

On 28. February 2013 the most modern inland tank ship took off at Hitzler Shipyard in Lauenburg, Germany. Management official Julia Dettmer mentioned that owners Dettmer Reederei had invested around €5.8 million in the new Type C tankship, being officially named as DETTMER TANK 140 and going into service in May. She will be the prototype for Dettmer tankers of the future. 

DETTMER TANK 140 shortly after its watering

“Because of the high technology demands we have created one of the most modern ships on Germany’s waterways”, said Ms Dettmer. The 86m long, 11.45m wide ship, double-hulled, both in her tank, bow rudder and also engine room areas, was conceived at the Development Centre for Ship Technology and Transport Systems (DST) in Duisburg. She was “very unusual, especially below the surface”, Ms Dettmer said. 

Especially designed for shallow water operation, her stern is fitted with underwater fins like a motorboat to feed water to the vessel’s Wärtsilä’s twin propellers and Van der Velden rudder plant while flaps prevent turbulence. Julia Dettmer said the newbuild’s two MTU IRONMAN-Series 8V 4000 M 53 R main engines of 745kW at 1.600 rpm and Reintjes WAF 562 gears provide constant manoeuvrability. The ship also has a 515kW bow thruster. The two MTU-units are equipped with MTU’s own developed Bluevision System and features also ADEC, the latest Advanced Diesel Electronic Control system. Blue Vision Generation is an automation system for propulsion plants in yachts and workboats with MTU Series 2000 or 4000 engines.

MTU's Ironman-Engine Series 8V4000

The GL-classed (GL + 100 A5 IN(0,6) "Tanker", Doublehull, ADN, DP=50 kPa, TP=65 kPa, Typ C + MC I) new tanker is of 1,800dwt and carries 50% more cargo than any previous Dettmer ship - in eight tanks of total 2400m³ – and is the biggest ship Dettmer’s tanker depot in Magdeburg can handle. 

The new build during test trials


Images: PPM archive, Hitzler Shipyard, MTU

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