New non-smoking therapy for diesel engines

By Peter Pospiech at August 31, 2012 10:45
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By specific standards of the authorities in the field of emission reduction (CO2, NOx, PM-values) and requirements for better energy efficiency, combined with a long-term perspective that the fossil energies come to an end, it is clear for all experts that “alternatives” even under the aspect of higher investment costs, will pay back in the future.
Beside economic and safety-related aspects more and more questions about environmental protection as well as health hazards because of emitting harmful substances into the environment play an essential role in shipbuilding.
Under these circumstances the German company Exomission Umwelttechnik GmbH comes with a new technology mix on the market.
The two company owner Uwe Israel and Stefan Fischer, both are well-known experts in the field of exhaust minimizing, focusing on fuel-water-emulsion (FWE). With this newly developed method water is metered directly before the injection pump, and thanks to a patented mechanism, intermixed into a superfine dispersed homogenous emulsion.


The Fuel-Water-Emulsion system on the test bench at Exomission

The resulting reduction rates are remarkable high, for example particulate reduction up to 90 percent and NOx reduction up to 30 percent. In many cases, the total fuel consumption can be reduced as well. In addition, when combined with a SCR-system, the urea consumption could be reduced by about 50 percent. Comparable outcomes are achievable for seagoing vessels. Based on a 2011 study, the IMO recommends FWE as the most cost efficient technology to reduce black carbon emissions. The technology can be used at the main engines of inland and seagoing vessels, as well as at the on-board gensetengines.

The FWE- system is also an upgrading system to any diesel engine. With this, Fuel-Water-Emulsion (FWE) is an exhaust minimizing technology, which at the same time reduces also operating costs.

An inland tank-ship of shipping company Deymann with the FWE-system

Graphs and image: Exomission GmbH

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