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By Keith Henderson at February 03, 2011 07:11
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For a trial period, the Port of Antwerp, Belgium is giving the use of OPS (Onshore Power Supplies) a boost for the many inland waterway barges visiting the port. As of 1 Feb electricity will be provided free of charge for an experimental period (expected to be to year’s end) to barges in an effort to encourage them not to run their diesel generators in port. There are power points for 28 inland vessels:

It is expected that using OPS will significantly reduce harmful emissions of NOx and particulates. Previously, electricity supplied to barges was charged using a prepaid card scheme that had few takers. The electricity supplied will be from “green” renewable  sources giving a nett benefit of reduced CO2 emissions.

In another part of the port, a separate project to supply onshore power to seagoing container ships
at the Independent Maritime Terminal was introduced at an earlier date by the Independent Container Lines (ICL) company. ICL own the terminal and have developed their own connector system.

The system can switch between frequencies of 50 Hz or 60 Hz and delivers power at 6.6kV via one single cable and connector.

The power cable and connector are housed underground in the quay. Visiting ships use a cable reel system that can be manually connected eliminating the use of a crane. After the cable is connected, power synchronization takes place.

Tangible encouragement for the project by the port authority and local government was made in the form of a grant toward 45 per cent of the cost which had a total price tag of Euros 1.1 million (~US$ 1.5 million).

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