Perfectly coupled with Vulkan’s New RATO R+ coupling.

By Peter Pospiech at October 19, 2012 11:10
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VULKAN Couplings has extended the range of the enhanced performance ACOTEC couplings with the RATO R + version. The German transmission technology specialist has launched two new sizes of couplings: 4A (TkN: 137.0 – 176.0 kNm) and 3E (TkN: 100.0 – 125.0 kNm).

ACOTEC is a holistic approach to optimizing all relevant areas of influence, in order to be able to offer the best possible products and services. The basis for this is that VULKAN Couplings combines all competencies in-house, from application technology and torsional vibration calculations to the construction and development, the elastomer and vulcanization technology right up to the test center, condition monitoring and service. The couplings manufactured and tested with this technology form the ACOTEC coupling range of the company,  which are characterized by extreme resilience and reliability and which are labeled in the respective type designation with an additional plus sign following the brand name.VULKAN Couplings has continued the success of the ACOTEC range with the launch of the RATO R +. The proven principle of construction of the standard RATO R was retained with the ACOTEC variant. Utilization of same parts with the proven and field-tested RATO R guarantees highest levels of functional reliability. The RATO R+ coupling has been specially designed for the use in installations requiring a high level of torsional flexibility and misalignment capacity. Inherent features of the design include high dynamic load capacity and good rotational dynamic properties due to the low rotating inertias. The area of application is primarily high-speed main/PTO systems driven by a diesel engine or electric motor.

The RATO R+ coupling is available in the sizes 4A and 3E

In the low to middle torque ranges where the handling and installation of a complete element is practical the RATO Ring coupling is an additional alternative. A customized tuning of the system’s torsional vibration characteristics is possible due to the variety of torsional stiffness and element configurations available. The radial, axial and angular flexibility of the RATO R+ coupling, with the shortest possible installation length, enables good compensation of shaft misalignments caused by the flexible mounting of the prime mover, foundation movements etc. to be achieved. This leads to an optimum protection of  the drive system and hence to a high availability and low operating costs.
The development of the new RATO R+ was primarily focused on the on the centerpiece of the coupling: the elastomer. Innovative research on compounds and highly specialized vulcanization technology facilitated the development of an elastomer with considerably higher power density. The ACOTEC compound characterizes itself in comparison to other conventionally used materials not only with the enhanced tensile strength and tear strength and increased ultimate elongation, but also with a high thermal resistance and lesser ageing effects. The new RATO R+ coupling guarantees a high level of process stability for the new elastomer from the aspects of manufacturing and further processing, since this involves in-house production processes, the quality of which is subject to constant and continuous control. 


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