Procurement contract for Russian-French Mistral Class LHD signed.

By Keith Henderson at June 21, 2011 07:24
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Last week at the 15th Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, Russia and France signed the procurement contract for two Mistral Class assault landing ships (LHD). Under a Russian-French shipbuilding agreement started in Nov 2010, the agreement covers four ships, with DCNS France acting as prime contractor: two to be built at the STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France. Another two are to be constructed later, under licence at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg. The first ship will be delivered to Russia in 2014, with the second LHD to be delivered in 2015. The deal includes staff training of Russian shipbuilder personnel who will participate in building of the first ship in the proportion of 20 per cent, the second one 40 per cent, the third one 60 per cent, and the fourth one 80 per cent.

The original (French) design requirements of the Mistral Class were: A high availability, leaner manning levels i.e. 160 personnel, greater maneuvering abilities and a better architectural flexibility. A high autonomy was defined as being: 5000 hours at sea per year (200 days) with a 30-year life and available 350 days per year. A further prerequisite was a low maintenance requirement of 14 days dry dock every 3 years and 2 months every 6 years for main maintenance period. Preferred use of proven equipment, already in service with merchant ships.

The Mistral Class displaces 21,300 tons; has a max speed of 19 kn; LOA is 652 ft (199 m); beam 105 ft (32 m); draft is 20.6 ft (6.3 m). She can accommodate up to 450 marines and 60 land vehicles (including 13 tanks). For landing operations, the ship can carry up to 16 heavy helicopters, four landing craft or two air-cushion vessels. Fuel range at 15 kn is about 12,500 miles (20,000 km), 6,700 miles (10,800 km) at 18 kn. The crew requirement of the ship is 20 officers and 160 men.

The Mistral class was originally designed to operate in temperate and tropical regions and will require some modifications for service in colder theaters including possible ice classification to operate in Russia’s northern seas. Due to the greater height of Russian helicopters that will not fit into the ship’s present helicopter hangar, raising the main deck will be required.

A Full Electric Propulsion (FEP) system operates two 9,300 hp (7 MW) Mermaid 360 deg azimuth thrusters with 5 blade fixed pitch propellers and there is one bow thruster. Electric power is provided by three Wärtsilä 16 V32 diesels gensets each of 6.2 MW and one 3 MW. auxiliary Wärtsilä 18V200 genset. The ship is equipped with a dynamic positioning system (DP) and can get under way in 30 minutes.

The French Navy has two Mistral Class ships, with another due for delivery in 2012. During operations in The Lebanon in 2006, FS Mistral performed outstandingly with DP and manouvrability proving to be of immense value to her operations very close inshore.

Caption: French Navy FS Mistral showing stern gate access to dock.
Image credit: DCNS

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