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Renowned worldwide for reliable, durable and efficient powerplants, Yanmar now offers the 12AY series High-Speed Commercial Workboat diesel engine. With easy installation and maintenance, the purpose-built 12AY is ideal for offshore support vessels, ferries, tugs, commercial fishing craft and other demanding applications. Developed from years of experience with the latest technology. Since the 12LA and 16LA series engines were first sold in 1980’s, Yanmar has supplied more than 2,000 of them around the world. Based on this success, the company has developed the new 12AY series, a reliable, high-performance V12 engine reborn as the 1,000 hp-plus high-power model.

Yanmar now offers the 12AY series High-Speed Commercial Workboat diesel engine.

Yanmar uses the same proven technology from their best-selling 6AY series, meeting IMO Tier II exhaust emission standards without electronic engine control. With its stable high torque, this engine features a prolonged lifecycle design that boasts low NOx and fuel consumption thanks to a new, efficient combustion method, improved durability, and ease of maintenance. This engine will help cut costs and reduce downtime.
A key element of the improved performance and efficiency is a new staggered injection nozzle and patented combustion chamber design. They allow a very wide rpm range with low fuel consumption and emissions. The 40L, 12-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine is available in five power ratings across three models. The 12AYM-WST models produce
1,200 mhp (882 kW) @ 1,850 rpm and 1,400 mhp (1,030 kW) @ 1,900 rpm. The 12AYM-WET versions have outputs of 1,550 mhp (1,140 kW) @ 1,840 rpm and 1,659 mhp (1,220 kW) @ 1,900 rpm. The 12AYM-WGT produces 1,822 mhp (1,340 kW) @ 1,940 rpm.

Technical data of the new Yanmar 12-cylinder unit

A new V cylinder block configuration offers improved rigidity compared to previous models, with inspection ports providing easy access to connecting rod assemblies. A mechanical engine governor control and Yanmar's own fuel system components further enhance reliability. Compliant with the latest IMO Tier II emissions regulations, the 12AY series has type approval by six major classification societies.

Fuel consumption saving with the new 12AY-Yanmar Diesel engine

Graphs: courtesy of Yanmar




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