Sandfirden Technics’ introduces new developed LNG-gensets for marine use

By Peter Pospiech at May 26, 2013 04:31
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For the brand-new gas/electric-powered inland shipping tanker mts Greenstream, Sandfirden Technics located in Den Oever, The Netherlands, has developed a series of special Scania gas generator sets. Each of the sets, power output at 285 kWe, runs on 100% natural gas. They are the very first natural gas engines which have been marinised and classified in the power range of up to 300 kWe. The engines are based on Scania’s diesel engines. They have been modified in close cooperation between Sandfirden and Scania. Features of the SGI-12 and SGI-16 gas engines are single cylinder heads with 4-valve technic, heavy-duty industrial glow plugs, with an appr. durability of 2.000 operation hours ensures 100% reliability in service and low maintenance costs. The mechanical output, available at the flywheel, is between 205 and 300 kW (COP) at 1.500 and 1.800 rpm. This is a very much appreciated feature because of the lower gas consumption and, of course, the lower noise emission. Thanks to the Scania’s own developed electronic control and speed regulation system, the engines can be switched from 1.500 to 1.800 rpm whenever this is needed.

These so-called ‘lean burn’ engines operate in an air-rich environment. This extra air lowers the combustion temperature as a result of which the engines emit far less harmful substances, as well as consuming less fuel. General Sales Manager of Sandfirden Technics, Erik de Wit explained, “Compared to the diesel version, our gas engines deliver a more than 80% reduction in the emission of nitrous oxides (NOx) and a more than 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, with zero emissions of SO2 and soot. At the same time, the gas engines deliver a high output, are extremely reliable and maintenance costs are low. By using a completely new developed fuel system, the gas supply is regulated in such a way that the quantity of fuel delivered can be adjusted extremely rapidly to every demand placed on the propulsion system. This adaptability ties in perfectly with the sailing profile of coastal and inland shipping.” 

Sandfirden Technics, main dealer for Scania industrial and marine engines for the Benelux countries, have been building gas engines for industrial applications based on the Scania diesel platform, for twelve years now. These gas engines are for example used as generator drive systems in combined heat and power installations. More than three years ago, Sandfirden Technics started preparing these engines for maritime applications. In collaboration with Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LRS), the Scania engines were duly adapted, extensively tested and approved.

Two V-eight natural gas engines packed in a container, each delivering max 285 kWe, on board the new inland tanker Greenstream


Images: Sandfirden Technics B.V.

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