Solar-Powered Boat Business Moves to CNY to Commence Assembly Production

By Sachin Gupta at February 25, 2011 10:28
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Rome, NY. - 
In December, Montgomery Gisborne and Tamarack partner Ray Hirani’s newest version of their solar-powered boat product line, the Loon™ solar boat, took a first place finish at the “Future of Electric Vehicles” conference and exhibition in San Jose, California.  Innovators from around the world found their way to the conference, which focused on land-, water- and airborne vehicles powered by efficient batteries and electric motors.

Buoyed by this formidable nod from the nascent “green vehicle” industry, the two men had reason to be optimistic – a deal had been struck which would bring the assembly production and general operations of their Canadian start-up firm, to produce the boat as shown here, to the banks of the Erie Canal in Rome, NY. 

Production is scheduled to commence in spring 2011.  A facility has been located near the Rod Mill Site.
Source: Tamarack Lake Electric Boat Company

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