Successful Sea Trials of Fast Attack Craft

By Keith Henderson at February 09, 2012 07:28
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In any marine application where the usage profile requires operation at different speeds for a considerable time, using one engine type is not always the most efficient solution. Vessels that are required to operate at a slow / cruising speed yet be able to accelerate to a higher speed in a short time usually turn to a combined operation configuration of more than one diesel engine or diesel and gas turbine.

Combined operation of diesel and / or gas turbine (CODAG / CODOG) is particularly popular in naval and megayacht applications where high speed can be reached in minutes. Firing up a large diesel from cold requires a warming up period to prevent serious damage, whereas a gas turbine can produce full power within one or two minutes.

Caption: ROK Navy’s PK(X) Fast Attack Craft successfully completed sea trials recently. 
Image credit: GE Marine

GE Marine has recently reported the successful sea trials of two new patrol vessels built by STX Jinhae, South Korea using gas turbines in combination with diesel engines. The vessels concerned are number eight and nine of the Republic of Korea Navy projected fleet of twenty Gumdoksuri Class, Fast Attack Craft. The 570 ton vessels have an LOA of 206 ft (63 m), beam of 29.5 ft (9 m) and draft of 16.4 ft (5 m).

Each of two MTU 16V 1163 TB93 diesels of 7,940 hp (5,920 kW) at 1300 rpm drive propellers.
CODAG operation for high speed operation, is simply achieved using a single boost waterjet connected via a combining gearbox to two GE LM500 gas turbines, each with an output of 5,450 hp (4,050 kW). Maximum speed is in excess of 40 kn and range is 2,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 15 kn on diesels.

Caption: GE LM500 has an output power of 5,450 hp (4,050 kW).
Image credit: GE Marine

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