Three OPVs for Brazil

By Keith Henderson at January 05, 2012 07:27
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The Brazilian Navy is to buy three Offshore Patrol Vessels from BAE SYSTEMS, UK with two ships being delivered in 2012 and the third in 2013. The contract includes supply of ancillary support services and a technology transfer agreement allowing licensed production of further vessels in Brazil. The three vessels were originally built for Trinidad and Tobago and became available following contract cancellation. A technology transfer arrangement was made for the 90m OPV with Thailand whereby a ship was built to this design by Bangkok Dock for the Royal Thai Navy.

Caption: One of the three BAE SYSTEMS 90m OPVs sold to Brazil.
Image credit: BAE SYSTEMS

The 90 meter Offshore Patrol Vessel is designed to perform Economic Exclusion Zone management roles, including the provision of maritime security to coastal areas and disaster relief operations. The 90 meter patrol ship design is based on the smaller 80 meter River Class patrol vessels presently in service with the Royal Navy.

The LOA is 295 ft (90 m), beam is 44 ft (13.5 m) and  displacement is 1,800 tons. The ship is  operated with a crew of 36 and accommodation for up to 70 persons is provided.

A conventional propulsion layout is used comprising twin high speed MAN 16V28/33D diesels rated at 7,350 kW at 1,000 rpm driving Wärtsilä propellers. During sea trials, the ship achieved a speed of 25.4 kt and completed turning circles in 3.5 ship lengths and a stopping distance of 3.7 ship lengths. Range is 5,500 miles and endurance 35 days.

Caption: During sea trials turning circles of 3.5 ship lengths were achieved.
Image credit: BAE SYSTEMS

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