Turbochargers – Lasers Used in Latest Repair Innovation

By George Backwell at December 06, 2010 03:06
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Turbocharger parts destined for scrap can now be repaired using a new laser cladding technology, called ‘Laser Aided Additive Manufacturing’ (LAAM) introduced recently by Singapore-based turbocharger specialists TruMarine. In essence this works by focusing a laser beam on a metallurgical additive composition, bonding it to the component needing repair. Classification society Det Norske Veritas has already recognised that LAAM technology is more than a temporary repair of damaged or worn turbocharger parts by giving the process their approval.

The cladding of turbochargers with particularly thin shafts, easily deformed by high temperature thermal repair, has been impossible up to now, but by means of LAAM technology they need not necessarily be replaced and discarded, but can be restored to the original quality of manufacture.

The essential turbocharger has down to it the delivery of higher engine output, lower specific fuel consumption and cleaner exhaust gases, boosting the performance of the low-speed  two-stroke engine that deliver the main propulsion in much of the the world’s deep-sea cargo tonnage. With such responsibilities the turbocharger warrants careful monitoring and maintenance (which it doesn't always get) in order to operate at maximum efficiency: the rotor shaft bearings, rotor shaft disc labyrinths and piston ring grooves are areas often prone to need repair or replacement.

Of course, operators with a lame turbocharger on their hands have the option of installing new replacement parts, but with constraints of time and cost in mind, many prefer to get the existing unit repaired, which is where TruMarine may offer a solution. Among the benefits they list are: high bonding strength; improved resistance to corrosion, erosion, wear and fatigue; and low dilution of the base material. The quick turnaround offered is often a major plus as well.

This Singapore-based company, with over thirty years experience in marine turbocharger repair, claim they are also able to restore the new generation of super-alloy turbochargers to good as new condition by means of their new laser enhanced technology.



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