U.S. Navy Shipbuilding -- Building the Future Surface Force

By Edward Lundquist at January 08, 2011 21:42
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U.S. Navy Shipbuilding Programs Underway to Build the Future Surface Force

• Littoral Combat Ship – USS Freedom (LCS 1) and USS Independence (LCS 2) continue to prove their operational worth at sea through early deployment and a successful post delivery test and trials period, respectively. Fort Worth (LCS 3) launched in December 2010, and Coronado (LCS 4) is currently under construction; both are expected to be delivered to the fleet in 2012. The Navy awarded Lockheed Martin and Austal USA each a fixed-price incentive contract Dec. 29, 2010, for LCS 5 and LCS 6, each with options for nine additional ships, for a total of 20. This award leverages the highly effective competition between the bidders, and the affordable prices reflect mature designs, investment to improve performance, stable production, and continuous labor learning at the respective shipyards.

• DDG 1000 – As of December 2010, 100 percent of the lead ship, Zumwalt, is under construction at Bath Iron Works and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding with approximately 30 percent of the ship complete. The second ship of the class, Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001), started construction in early 2010 and is nearly 10 percent complete. These ships will operate as an integral part of joint and combined expeditionary forces.

• DDG 51 – Three ships of the original 62-ship procurement are currently finishing construction, and two (USS Jason Dunham and USS Gravely) were commissioned in 2010. Continuation of production of this class started in 2010 with DDG 113 design, production, engineering work, and long lead material procurement.

• LPD 17 – Five ships of the class have been commissioned, and four more ships are currently under construction, two of which have already been launched. Two ships remain to be contracted to complete this 11-ship class.

• Joint High Speed Vessel – JHSV is a joint, Army-Navy program to deliver low-cost, high-speed, shallow-draft surface ships capable of rapid transport of cargo and personnel to areas without developed infrastructure. The first JHSV began construction in December 2009, and the second JHSV started fabrication in September 2010.

• T-AKE – Ten T-AKE class ships have been designed, constructed, and delivered, and the final four ships of the class are currently under construction. These are the most flexible underway replenishment ships designed to date.

• Mobile Landing Platform (MLP) – The MLP, based on the existing commercial design of the Alaska-class crude oil carrier, will provide capability for large-scale logistics movements from sea to shore. Developing this commercial design ensures development costs remain low. In August 2010, an advance procurement contract for the MLP was awarded, and construction is expected to begin in July 2011.

• High-performance Boats and Combatant Craft – Successful execution of the Maritime Strategy requires the acquisition and construction of high performance boats and craft for the U.S. Navy, other government agencies and our foreign allies. Annually, more than 300 boats and combatant craft are built at more than 20 U.S. shipyards.

Source:  U.S. Navy

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Has the SecNav named DDG-113, -114 or -115? NavalTechnology.com and Wikipedia claim they have been named William S Sims(DDG 113); Callaghan (DDG 114); Scott (DDG 115) and Chandler (DDG 116), but there is not listing of them or of an announcement anywhere on any of the Navy's web pages.

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