VETH Propulsion Hybrid Drives MV SEMPER FI

By Peter Pospiech at December 17, 2012 11:49
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The definition describes a hybrid-drive as a propulsion system, which consists out of two different drive-systems. For this purpose at least two energy converters and energy storages must be in use. Apart from some exceptions preferably combustion engines and electric motors are combined into a hybrid-drive.
Dutch Veth Propulsions Technical Director Marco Huisman: ”The innovation on this new system is that two different drives are used. The Veth Propulsion hybrid drive offers a lot more solutions for drive profiles, because of its combination of diesel and / or electric motor propulsion. Both drives can be used within their optimal system effectiveness curve. This offers all benefits of a diesel electric drive without any disadvantages.


The hybrid drive features moreover an additional advantage: the asynchronous electric motor can also be used as a generator. In doing so it does not cost any additional fuel compared to a separate running gen-set which runs in low idle – therefore in a very unfavorable fuel consumption area. This electrical energy can be used via static converter for large consumer and / or board net”.


Veth Propulsion describes its new development as a parallel-hybrid. In doing so, the combustion engine and the electric motor share its drive tasks. Both can produce parts of the required propulsion power. The additional electric motor application offers, because of its very high starting torque, a noticeably dynamic increase and spontaneously response characteristic. Furthermore it serves as load point shift and therefore improving the efficiency of the combustion engine.


Two of the very first counter rotating VETH Propulsion hybrid drives of type VZ-900A-CR-VHD have been installed on the newly build inland waterway ship MV SEMPER FI. With dimensions of 110.00 m length, width of 11.45 m and a depth of 3.69m load is of 3.431 to. The vessel came into operation on 20. November 2012.

The drive consist out of: 2 Scania engines DI16 (515 kW / 1800 rpm), 2 electric motors (330 kW / 1800 rpm), 2 generating sets with Scania DI16 (465 / 1500 rpm), 2 frequency converters for propulsion, 1 frequency converter for bow thruster, 1 static converter to supply power to the board net, 4 SCRT exhaust gas treatment systems which include catalytic converters and soot filters. The 2 gen-sets, DI16, drive via Vacon frequency governors the 2 electric motors.


 The new build MV SEMPER FI during its maiden voyage


graphs / inage: courtesy of VETH Propulsion



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