Viking launches new evacuation system

By Peter Pospiech at November 14, 2013 06:32
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A new super-sized, super-flexible evacuation system from Esbjerg-based company Viking Life - Saving Equipment has just been launched globally. It is a revolutionary hybrid that combines the best of life-boats and life-rafts in one.


"Today, the larger and wider ships, the number of passengers and variation in trim height and angle can be huge in an emergency. The Life Craft is a hugely flexible evacuation system that can handle such extremes," said Vikings Vice President Niels Kinsman.
Life Craft system consists of two main elements: Life Craft itself - a self- floating inflatable boat with four engines with a high degree of maneuverability and safety as well as storage and flotation device, either placed on the deck or built, containing up to four Life Craft - with a capacity of 200 people each, with a total capacity of 800 people.
In 2009, Vikings development teams asked themselves: Is it possible to build a life-saving vessel that combines all the benefits of modern lifeboats, such as self-maneuverability, with the flexibility, convenience as today's life-rafts have? And can such a vessel ensuring a rapid mass evacuation with maximum safety for passengers and crew?
After four long years found the answer: The Viking Life Craft ™ System that changes the discussion about what is best, lifeboat or life-raft, at least when it comes to evacuation systems with large capacity.
There are several advantages of this hybrid solution. For example, the new Life Craft System ensures a whole new level. A specially designed chute system helps evacuees with special needs, such as children, the elderly and people on stretchers.
The system also takes up less space than lifeboats, freeing deck space for companies that are eager to provide their passengers with several cabins, shopping and other travel improvements.

Source: Viking Life - Saving Equipment/Maritime Denmark



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