Volvo Penta D13 certified for EPA Tier 3

By Peter Pospiech at June 27, 2013 11:50
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Volvo Penta D13 has now further been developed to meet EPA Tier 3 – the new marine environmental emission standard. The new version of D13 offers improved environmental properties with basically unchanged low fuel consumption.

The D13 is a diesel engine that has been developed within the Volvo Group. It is among the world’s most proven and is currently in operation in more than 450,000 heavy-duty applications, including buses, trucks and construction equipment. At Volvo Penta, this engine is further developed for use in industrial applications for both off-road and electricity production and in unique custom marine applications. This 13-liter diesel engine combines the best of two worlds: the exceptional durability, low fuel consumption and minimal emissions that come from its automotive background and the high torque and power brought by the thorough marinization. D13 MH is available in five models with outputs from 400 to 600 hp. High torque at low rpm is a Volvo Penta hallmark and the D13 excels here. Maximum torque is reached already at around 800-900 rpm. This facilitates maneuvering, but is equally important when towing at low speed, using the power take-off, performing a crash stop and more.  

Environment performance and fuel efficiency

The full range of Volvo Penta D13 marine engines is now upgraded to meet the requirements of EPA Tier 3, which will take effect from 1 January 2014. EPA Tier 3 involves a 40% reduction in particulate matter in the exhaust gases and a 20% reduction in NOx and hydrocarbon.

These high standards are met by the new D13 with the same power and basically identical fuel consumption. It is world-class fuel efficiency together with less environmental impact.

The upgrading of the environmental characteristics will neither change the performance, nor the fuel efficiency. Nor does it imply any changes in terms of design, size or installation ? in these respects will there be no difference to the boat builder, owner or operator.

Volvo Penta D13 is available both as a propulsion engine (D13 MH) or as a marine genset (D13 MG) equipped with different cooling systems as an option.

Fully classed, fully emission approved 

The engine is fully classifiable to meet the demands of all major classification societies. The engine meets the latest EU IWW, CCNR, IMO and EPA emission legislation requirements. The engines and the control system are type-approved by LR, DNV, GL, IRS, RS and CCS. 

Volvo Penta's D13 certified for EPA Tier 3


image: courtesy of Volvo Penta

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