Wärtsilä X35 Engine Now Available For Market Introduction

By Keith Henderson at March 22, 2012 07:50
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The new Wärtsilä low speed, electronically controlled X35 has successfully passed its Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT).

Caption: The Wärtsilä 6X35 during Factory Acceptance Trials at the
Yuchai Marine Power Co., Ltd. (YCMP), China factory.
Image credit: Wärtsilä

Two six cylinder X35 engines successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Trials last month in two separate facilities, one at 3.MAJ Engines & Cranes, Croatia, and the other at Yuchai Marine Power Co., Ltd. (YCMP), China. The trials were witnessed by representatives of the Classification Society, the shipbuilder, and the shipowner.

The new engine series was originally introduced in May 2011 as the RT-flex35, following these good results, the X35 engine series as it is now known, is henceforth available for introduction to the market.

It is a completely new engine that, together with the Wärtsilä X40, will cover the small-bore end of the market and fills a gap in a segment where Wärtsilä has not been present for a number of years.

Caption: Specifications of the X35 series.
Image credit: Wärtsilä

The X series engines has a bore of 350 mm and features an extra long stroke of 1,550 mm offering improved fuel economy and greater operational flexibility. In addition, the optimum propeller requirements can be realized within the low engine speed of the rating field lying between 142 to 167 rpm. During the 6X35 tests, the low fuel consumption characteristic of the engine was verified with the predicted brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) returning a value of 176g/kWh, within the usual 5 per cent margin under IMO Tier II conditions.

Caption: Cutaway drawing of a 6X35 showing internal parts.
Image credit: Wärtsilä

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