Wärtsilä X40 Marine Diesel Engine Passes TAT in China

By George Backwell at June 15, 2013 07:01
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A Wärtsilä X40 low speed engine recently passed its Type Approval Test (TAT) in Zhouhai, China, on licensee Yuchai Marine Power’s test bed, verifying that it met all classification society requirements. Sea trials come next and then the new engine will be introduced to the market.

X40 Marine Diesel TAT Ceremony: Photo courtesy of Wärtsilä

This engine, with its 400 mm cylinder bore, a power output in the range of 4,550 to 9,080 kW and available in 5–8 cylinder configurations, covers the small-bore end of the market. Wärtsilä say that it is ideal for ‘Handysize’ vessels (smaller bulk carriers, product tankers and container feeder vessels) which is a segment where they are making their presence increasingly felt after a number of years absence.

The Wärtsilä X40 building on the X35 engines, features Wärtsilä’s second-generation version of its well proven electronically controlled common rail system with time controlled fuel injection.

The X Engines have a higher stroke to bore ratio, thus achieving lower engine speed and lower brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC). With this technology the fuel injection for each cylinder, as well as the cylinder lubrication, is controlled by a single module to provide excellent fuel efficiency and reliability as well as lower operational costs. The engine also incorporates the state-of-the-art UNIC-flex control system, which is based on Wärtsilä’s UNIC (Unified Controls) platform.

The Wärtsilä X40 is designed for exceptional reliability and for long periods of maintenance-free operation. It also extemds Time Between Overhaul (TBO) of the critical components, to as long as 5 years.

Environmental Compliance
Introduction of the EEDI index puts an emphasis on CO2 emissions and total vessel efficiency. This engine is fully compliant with IMO Tier II requirements: it can also be equipped with a SCR catalyst to meet IMO Tier III NOX emission levels, and a scrubber to reduce SOX emissions to 0.1% – even with high sulphur fuels.

Wärtsilä say that the internal engine efficiency of X40, and the possibility to apply various Power Take Off (PTO) arrangements for onboard electricity production, make it easy for shipyards to meet the new EEDI requirements. Due to the manufacturer’s common-rail technology, the engine has no visible smoke at any load.

X40 Main data

  • Cylinder bore: 400 mm

  • Piston stroke: 1770 mm

  • Speed: 124-146 rpm
Mean effective pressure at R1: 21.0 bar
  • Piston speed: 8.6 ms
  • Fuel specification: Fuel oil 700 cSt/50°C, ISO-F 8217:2005, category ISO-RMK700

Handysize Product Tankship: Photo courtesy of Wärtsilä




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