Wärtsilä introduces new waterjet series for ferries, yachts and naval vessels

By Keith Henderson at March 08, 2011 04:28
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Wärtsilä, has introduced a new series of midsized axial pump waterjets in an easy-to-install package ranging from 510 to 3250 mm. Aimed at the high speed ferry, high speed patrol craft, and customized yachting markets, the series can handle shaft powers up to 4,500 kW.

A key design target for the new series is high performance throughout the life of the propulsion system.
Maintaining the stator bowl in optimum condition is crucial to the efficient performance of a waterjet. In many cases aluminum is used for construction of this important item but to prevent degredation of this and other essential components, stainless steel is widely used in the construction of the new Wärtsilä axial jet series, thereby reducing both maintenance and performance loss over the life of the unit.

Not only does this new series deliver performance but the task of installation of the waterjet has been simplified for the shipyard. It comes in a fast and easy 'plug & play' installation module that offers owners and shipyards lower installation costs and simplified build schedules. To reduce installation work and costs, the waterjet inlet duct is supplied and delivered pre-assembled on a skid for direct ‘weld-in’ or ‘bolt-in’ connection into the hull. The drive line of the jet is aligned and all auxiliary systems are mounted on the skid complete with piping connections. The only external interfaces to be installed by the shipyard after integrating the unit(s) in the hull are a cooling water connection and the connections to the control system on the bridge.

External hydraulic cylinders in a salt water environment spells bad news over a prolonged period. The new series has all cylinders inboard resulting in full absence of oil lubricated or oil containing parts outboard the vessel All piping is supplied pre-connected so there is just one cooling water connection to be made by the shipyard.


Caption: Wärtsilä’s new series of midsized axial pump waterjets ranging
from 510 to 3250 mm. The series can handle shaft powers up to 4,500 kW.

Credit: Wärtsilä Corp.

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I am an engineer of a marine company in Iran. How can I have this product? Is it possible? How?

Hosein |     3/13/2011 3:45:00 PM #

I was working with your engines when I was in the north seas since 1989 to 2007 and this new axial pump waterjets amazes me. Looking forward to working with this type of equipment.

William Lero |     3/16/2011 5:58:49 AM #

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