World premiere of new LNG fuel tank container

By Peter Pospiech at September 14, 2012 10:15
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MARINE  SERVICE  GMBH, a   Hamburg based marine consultancy with specialist expertise in handling and transport of liquefied gases (LNG; LEG; LPG). chemicals and petroleum gases, provides  the  full  spectrum  of  marine consultancy services for the design and development of any kind of shipping projects.
The company offers now the worldwide first and cost-effective as well as easy to implement tank solution  for  ships  which  should  be  converted  to  LNG:  the  LNG  Fuel  Tank Container. Having the size  of  a  mobile  40 feet standard  container  (FEU) with a content of 40qm³,  it’s  an  economical solution to bunker LNG and to supply the drive system with natural gas.
“Particularly with regard to the more stringent exhaust emission requirements in the ECAs  starting 2015 the LNG Fuel Tank Container can be a real option for shipping  companies  to  convert  older  types  of  ships  to  LNG  fuel,  which means  that  they  can  still  be  used  in  sheltered  waters”,  says  Jörg  Redlin, Director Marketing & LNG division at the engineering office for maritime economy, which has been active in the LNG market worldwide for nearly 50 years. The LNG Fuel Tank Container can be transported by truck and stored on deck like any normal container. In addition it offers a direct connection for the supply of the drive system. Bureau Veritas approved the fuel gas system already in July 2011.

image:Courtesy of Marine Service GmbH


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