World’s first fuel-cell ship „FCS ALSTERWASSER“ proves its reliability

By Peter Pospiech at October 17, 2012 12:25
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The ZemShip (Zero Emission Ship) "FCS Alsterwasser", based in Hamburg’s port, transports up to 100 passengers at a time, without producing any emissions. The ships owner, ATG (Alster-Touristik GmbH) has developed in 2009 a so called mono-hull-ship with an engine power of 100kW and a passenger capacity of 100. The ship operates in regular service on the river Alster and its inner-city waterways. The passenger ship has up to now around 1.900 hours on its clock = 11.300 km, since its commissioning and runs absolutely without any problems according to the ships-owner ATG. This year, 2012, the hydrogen consumption has been recorded by 1.400 kg. With this the CO2-saving is around 13.300 kg. Company Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH, Puchheim, Germany, developed the 48-kW PM Basic A 50 maritime fuel cell system for the zero-emission drive and integrated two such systems, along with a lead gel battery, into the ship as a hybrid system. The systems were certified for maritime operations by Germanischer Lloyd. An intelligent energy management system coordinates the division of work between fuel cells and battery. Up to 50 kg of gaseous hydrogen is stored onboard in 350-bar pressurized tanks in order to provide sufficient fuel for around three days of use. This hybrid-combination ensures highest functionality and durability. Hydrogen and oxygen conjoins inside the fuel-cell to water. At this process, which is also called “cold combustion”, power is generated.


The fuel-cell power pack delivers 48 kW

Linde Group has built and operates now also the FCS Alsterwasser hydrogen filling station. This station provides the Zemship with gaseous hydrogen every 2 to 3 days. The filling takes around 12 minutes.  “The FCS Alsterwasser” is a prime example of innovation and we are very proud of it,” said Anno Mertens, Zemships Project Manager at Proton Motor, when asked about the ZemShip, which is nearly twice as efficient as a standard diesel ship. “It proves that we can make use of future technology in everyday applications which now, after more than three years in operation, has proved its reliabilty. Thanks to our further development of fuel cell technology, a non-polluting and virtually silent drive is reliably working on a passenger ship”.

images: courtesy of Proton Motor



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Thank you for a fact-filled article on an important demonstration ship. I rely on sites like yours to get international (non-USA) news. I also enjoyed the photographs, to better understand the hybrid fuel cell hardware.


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