World's First Hybrid Tug to Get a Sister

By Keith Henderson at November 15, 2010 11:16
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Foss Maritime Company, who delivered the world's first hybrid tugboat Carolyn Dorothy in 2009, is to refit a conventional tug of the same class to hybrid operation.

A $1 million grant obtained by the Port of Long Beach from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to the Port of Los Angeles will make possible the conversion to provide a second hybrid tug for the Southern California fleet. The aim is to reduce harmful exhaust emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

Foss will retrofit the 24m Dolphin Class tug Campbell Foss, The present twin Caterpillar 3512B HD main engines developing up to a total power of 3,800 kW and the mechanical drive will be replaced by electric motors driving the twin azimuthing pods. New diesel generators, batteries, and control systems will complete the hybrid changeover. Batteries may be charged using the onboard gensets or from a shore supply when alongside providing a cold ironing capability.
Projections anticipate a fuel saving of 100,000 galls of diesel fuel annually, and a substantial decrease of exhaust emissions with reduction estimates of at least 1.7 tons of particulate matter, 53 tons of nitrogen oxides, 1.2 tons of reactive organic gases and 1,340 tons of CO2. A significant reduction in noise and vibration levels is a further benefit.

A Dolphin Class tug. (photo credit: Foss Maritime Company)

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This is the type discussion our nation should be having, small on the ground changes that make impact, that when multiplied by 1000 or 1000000 enhances our security and competetiveness as a nation! Who cares if tree huggers like this or not- if it makes money and reduces carbon needs we all win. And, by the way, the Chinese are going at this 100% so if we don't have this technology we'll be buying it from them in a few years.

Roger Mays |     11/16/2010 11:38:54 AM #

Of course such technology is the future, not only for marine stuff, look at cars, just think how much pollution could be averted if this or similar technology was afforded to cars, AND most important, it MUST BE AFFORDABLE !!  I have been driving a Prius around, everybody wants to laugh, make a car at less then 25K that gets 50 mpg no gimmicks...  All the ones laughing, I have a Prius, first one in 2005, got a 2007 been getting STEADY real life mileage of 45-50 MPG....It was so cheap to run Exxon credit card asked if I was mad or something, when my gasoline bill went from $300 to less than $50.00 per month.

GREEN = MONEY IN YOUR POCKET, NOT SAVE THE EARTH..(That can happen if a reasonable view is adopted and possible)

Immanuel Altmann |     11/16/2010 12:42:22 PM #

GE's locomotive plant in Erie, PA produces the most fuel efficient and cleanest machines in the world and even the Chinese are buying them due to their cost-effectiveness. One of the reasons for their engineers to design that 3rd generation diesel engine was due to the EPA's mandating that they clean up the 2nd generation technology.

Energy efficiency needs to be a national priority and can lead us to energy independence. Dragging our feet will only allow the Chinese to further develop their energy efficient products and achieve a economic advantage. Let's keep terms like "tree huggers" out of the conversation and stay focused on just being more intelligent about how we use or not use energy.

Richard Stratton |     11/16/2010 1:39:54 PM #

Yeah, I guess.  but do you folks know what kind of horrible stuff you have to do to mine the materials for motors and batteries?  You take the bad stuff out of the air by reducing fuel but you send it right back into our water supply through the mining waste.  We need energy but it will kill us one way or another, pick you poison...

tom johns |     11/16/2010 3:03:25 PM #

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