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By George Backwell at July 17, 2011 04:30
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Motor yachts commonly fill up their shelf-space with a hefty load of machinery manufacturer’s documentation, parts catalogs, data sheets, and troubleshooting guides, 'just in case'. However, although not widely reported in the Press, there is an emerging trend that is catching on in boating circles. The Apple iPad, taking up less room than one slim paperback, is able to digest every last bit of all the information contained in these technical publications as .pdf files, and it can also access  ‘cloud-based’ servers via  Wi-fi or 3G networks where the mass of detail is kept in one safe place. Participating owners also gain entry to a host of other useful services.

Diesel engines in motor yachts and as auxiliary engines in sailing yachts have become remarkably robust and trouble-free, an absolute truism – just as long as they’re serviced regularly. These days, cruising sources say the skipper’s attention is more often claimed by all the add-on machinery and gadgets that make long-distance trips more comfortable; generator, water purification plant, freezers, air-con systems; not least for safety, electronic aids to navigation.


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In the vanguard of providers of such services, Yacht.com define themselves as ‘An Information Repository and Homeport’ offering members access (for a modest monthly fee) to their server with its database of thousands  of manuals and brochures from a wide spectrum of manufacturers. Members may also store a permanent record of inventories, machinery maintenance and repairs as well as voyage logs, photos and videos.

Yacht.com points out that as well as a convenient reference library, an instantly available record of the yacht’s build, inventory, with all its machinery service and repair history can help get a better price when the time comes to sell the boat.

Free iPad with ‘LaunchPad’ From Sabre Yachts

Sabre Corporation headquartered in Maine inform that some selected models of their Sabre Yacht builds are shipped to dealers with a free iPad pre-loaded with their ‘LaunchPad’ application (reportedly powered by Yacht.com) along with a number of free apps of general interest.

According to Bentley Collins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sabre, ‘LaunchPad’ enables an owner to search manuals, learn onboard systems, report service issues and maintain full service records.

Wheelhouse Technologies

Wheelhouse (formerly Seakit) offer similar benefits to those mentioned, but with the addition of their own Marine Management System (MMS) which allows an owner to follow a service plan, generate work orders and track and order spare parts.

Wheelhouse Technologies say they have prepared a special iPad package in co-operation with yacht builders Outer Reef that includes a digitalized Outer Reef owner’s manual together with an MMS plan for the boat.


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