Hybrid-driven ferry from Flensburg

By Peter Pospiech at March 14, 2013 06:08
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A special propulsion system will also be fitted on a RoPax new-building  ordered  in  June  2012 by Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited  (CMAL)  from  Flensburger  Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH  &  Co  KG  (FSG).  Upon delivery in June 2014, the ferry will link Stornoway on the Outer Hebrides island of Lewis with Ullapool on the Scottish mainland,  one  of  24  destinations served by the state-owned Scottish  ferry  operator  Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac). CMAL is a  public  company  whose  sole shareholders  are  Scottish  ministers  and  which  charters  out its ferry fleet, currently comprising some 30 vessels, to CalMac Ferries.  The  latest  newbuilding was  ordered  by  the  Scottish government  under  a  modernisation programme and is being financed  with  the  s... [More]

New SCHILLIG replaces three vessels

By Peter Pospiech at March 12, 2013 07:46
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The Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Wilhelmshaven (Wilhelmshaven Waterways and Shipping Office) is pleased about an additional ship.  In the presence of the secretary of states of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Enak Ferlemann, the naming ceremony of the new bouy laying vessel took place. Goodmother of the 11,9 Mio Euro newbuild is Ulrike Wagner, wife of Wilhelmshaven Lord Mayor Andreas Wagner. She named the new ship SCHILLIG after a famous small township at the coast of the Northsea. The new SCHILLIG replaces the more than 40 years old same name SCHILLIG, the sounding ship MINSENER OOG and the boat BLAUE BALJE. Shipyard was the well-known Fassmer Yard in Berne, next to the city of Bremen. Main works of the new SCHILLIG, with length of 43,85 m and a displacement of 456 to, is the distribution, collection, transportation and works on more than 400 sea marks, e.g. navigable water bouys etc, in the area of the flat tidal bay Jadebusen and the East Frisian Coast Line. One of the parti... [More]

MS MERI fulfills owners expectation

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STX Shipyard, Finland's Turku, delivered recently a multipurpose deck cargo vessel to the Gaiamare Ltd. subsidiary of the Meriaura Group. Godmother of the vessel, Minister of Transport Merja Kyllönen, gave the  105. 4 m x 18.m ship the name Meri. MS Meri, a modern and environmentally friendly deck cargo vessel, is designed for global operation and a wide variety of tasks. When delivered, she will be able to operate as a transport vessel for demanding project cargo such as offshore wind farm structures and for energy wood transport in the Baltic Sea area. The ship which has ice class 1A is the first dry cargo vessel in the Baltic Sea built according to the Aker Arctic DASTM design which enables the vessel to operate efficiently astern in ice. The main engines of Wärtsilä’s latest development can use three kinds of fuel: it can operate with LNG and also with the environmentally friendly biodiesel fuel and low sulfur marine diesel fuel. Two Schottel-rudder-propel... [More]

HeavyLift@Sea presented heavy goods transporter

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The maritime engineering specialist HeavyLift@Sea has just presented the prototype draft for a heavy goods transporter offering highly flexible application options. With its heavy lifter HLV1600, which as a so-called multipurpose vessel can transport extremely large size part loads and bulk goods with equal ease, the engineering company is presenting its second high-quality basic design following its draft of a jack-up service vessel. All prototypes are tailored by the team at HeavyLift@Sea to meet the customers’ specific needs. “The heavy lift market has changed significantly as far as the ordering party is concerned over a very short period of time,” HeavyLift@Sea managing director Hendrik Gröne explains. “The current requirements shipbuilders’ fleets are expected to meet include versatile application options for maximum utilisation of the ships in addition to high performance capability. That is precisely what we have designed the heavy goods trans... [More]

Peene-Werft Wolgast hands over coast guard vessel to Swedish Coast Guard

By Peter Pospiech at March 01, 2013 05:35
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The coast guard vessel (Kustbevakningen Vessel) KBV 033 was handed over to the Swedish Coast Guard with date of Feb. 28.2013, with a reflagging ceremony at dock 3 of the Peene shipyard in Wolgast. It is the first delivery after insolvency successfully completed. Two of the coast guard vessels were already delivered in June and July of 2012. The new contract for the completion of the two remaining vessels in this series was negotiated with the Swedish Coast Guard by Dr. Tobias Brinkmann, of insolvency administrators Brinkmann & Partner, and Axel Schulz, of P+S WERFTEN GmbH, and was concluded in November 2012. Following today’s delivery of the newly built KBV 033, the newly built KBV 034 is to be delivered to the Coast Guard in April.   On the occasion of the reflagging ceremony, Commodore Åke Dagnevik, director of new building at the Swedish Coast Guard said: "The coast guard vessel handed over to us today proves that with the quality of its shipbuilding and the ex... [More]

US Oil Major Places Order for Ultra-Efficient Tier III-Compliant Engines

By Peter Pospiech at February 28, 2013 04:56
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Chevron Corporation orders G-type units with integrated exhaust gas recirculation G-type engines with integrated EGR system offer both high efficiency and low NOX emissions. MAN Diesel & Turbo has received an order from Chevron Corporation, the American multinational energy company, for two lightering newbuildings with each vessel to be powered by an MAN B&W 6G70ME-C9.2 prime mover. The newbuildings will each use an MAN Diesel & Turbo EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system to help their ME-C prime movers meet Tier III emission standards well in advance of requirements coming into effect. The engines will also retain the ability to switch to Tier II operation when outside the ECA (Environmental Control Area). MAN Diesel & Turbo states that the engine for the first vessel has a delivery date in December 2012, with the second due in early 2014 and the vessels due for delivery in 2014. Chevron has also ordered 1 × MAN 8L27/38 + 2 × MAN 7L21/31 gensets for each v... [More]

World’s largest windfarm installation vessel (WIV) came to Copenhagen

By Peter Pospiech at February 26, 2013 07:47
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Swire Blue Ocean provides services to the offshore wind industry and its newest vessel, the state-of-the-art PACIFIC ORCA, was christened end of 2012 in Copenhagen. Built in Korea by Samsung over 1½ years, the 8 x MAN 9L27/38 GenSets for diesel-electric propulsion were built by Doosan. The subsequent trip from Korea to Denmark took 80 days. Pacific Orca is the world’s most modern WIV with an overall length of 160.9 m, a breadth of 49.0 m, and a speed of 13.0 knots.  The ship is designed to transport up to 12 × 3.6 MW disassembled off-shore windmills and its main crane has a maximal capacity of 1,200 tons. Lars Blicher, General Manager & Director of Danish Swire Blue Ocean A/S, states: “The engines are hugely important as we have to be able to rely on them. They are diesel-electrics so, if any fail, we have others to take over. We opted to put identical engines in the ship to make life easier when it comes to spare parts and maintenance.” He cont... [More]

New designed Damen deepwater AHTS offers over 200 t Bollard Pull and an extended winch package

By Peter Pospiech at February 21, 2013 10:37
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Damen Shipyards Group introduces its newly designed Damen AHTS 200, a versatile deepwater Anchor Handling Tug Supplier able to operate in water depths in excess of 3,000 m. The AHTS 200 is the latest addition to the ongoing Damen Offshore Series.  Following the company’s ambitions to increase its market share in the offshore industry, Damen heavily invests in designing state of the art vessels for several offshore sub-markets, noticeably the Offshore Support, Offshore Wind, (Seismic) Research and Transport & Installation industries. Backed by ample R&D and engineering capacity, its own construction yards, specialized partner yards and a rapid expanding service organisation, Damen feels confident that the chosen approach will be successful.  The typical Damen design philosophy, featuring values like safety, functionality, standardisation, modularisation, ease of maintenance and overall quality, can also be found in the Damen AHTS 200. An extensive research analy... [More]

DNV and PSE found ways to store and capture CO2 on board ships

By Peter Pospiech at February 18, 2013 06:12
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Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a leading classification society, and Process Systems Enterprise Ltd. (PSE), a global provider of advanced process modelling technology, recently have released the results of the Maritime CCS (carbon capture and storage) research and development project. The project has successfully developed a concept design for on-board chemical CO2 capture. The system consists of a chemical absorption plant that separates CO2 from flue gases, a liquefaction unit where the captured CO2 is compressed and condensed using a refrigerant and two storage tanks where the liquid CO2 product is temporarily stored until discharge into transmission and storage infrastructures at the next suitable port. The results show that the concept is technically feasible and capable of reducing ship CO2 emissions by up to 65%. For a VLCC tanker, this could correspond to capturing more than 70,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, transforming them from emissions to a tradable product.  "Process schemat... [More]


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Toisa Ltd. signed a contract with Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for the construction of a Multipurpose Offshore Construction Vessel (MOCV) designed by Dutch design office Ulstein Sea of Solutions. The DNV classed vessel is a customized version of Ulstein’s Deepwater Enabler design. The DP3 vessel is designed for worldwide operations in the oil and gas sector, ultra deepwater installation and construction, flexible lay, pipelay, cable lay and topside construction support. As such the design has been developed for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness featuring heavy lift capabilities with Active Heave Compensation, two moonpools, upto 50 t/m2 deck strength and an ULSTEIN X-Bow®. The vessel design includes a number of key features giving maximum capability and flexibility. These features include a fully Active Heave Compensated (AHC) offshore crane rated at 900 tonnes SWL with a depth capability of 3,500 metres and a second, knuckleboom, crane of 200 tonnes SWL with depth... [More]

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