International awards for vessels equipped with Voith Schneider Propellers

By Peter Pospiech at June 05, 2013 06:07
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Earlier this year, leading offshore shipping industry representatives from 45 countries met at the Offshore Support Journal Conference in London. The conference highlight was the presentation of the international awards. This year, two awards were won by vessels equipped with the exceptionally fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP): the A2SEA wind turbine construction vessel Sea Installer and the Østenjø platform supply vessel Edda Ferd.  For the 7th year, Riviera Maritime Media held one of the largest meetings of vessel operators, shipbuilders, designers and OEMs of the offshore support industry. In the run-up to the conference, more than 4,500 readers of the Offshore Support Journal had decided on the winners of the awards presented by the magazine. The Offshore Renewable Award went to the Sea Installer, the Environmental Award was won by the Edda Ferd. Both vessels are equipped with the sustainable Voith Schneider Propeller dr... [More]

A new Multi-Purpose Catamaran Work Boat for Offshore Wind Services B.V.

By Peter Pospiech at May 30, 2013 04:34
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Offshore Wenduine has been finalized at shipyard Den Breejen in Hardinxfeld- Giessendam and completed her first deployment for Ampelmann a few days ago.Offshore Wenduine (OW3) has been converted into a multi-purpose Catamaran Work Boat and been finalized end of April by shipyard Den Breejen under the supervision of Workships Contractors B.V. Her first job was to assist in the testing of the Amplemann L-type access system. Also, the manoeuvrability of the ship in the area of the landing point was successfully assessed.OW3 is MCA CAT 2(1) classed and has been inspected by Eelsing for Prinses Amalia Windfarm without issues. Her relatively large deck space, around 50 square meters, gives room for bulky equipment, e.g. 2x10 feet containers aft, and the RG Seasight fender is one of the best performing ones on the market. Other features which make her ideal for diving and survey works include: tracks allowing easy fitting of project specific equipment; survey desk with two seats; 19inch rack... [More]

Offshore Supply Vessel by Chevalier a Mini Hotel with Punch

By George Backwell at May 25, 2013 05:20
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Offshore wind-farms, oil/gas rigs and platforms, demand service in the North Sea energy sector as new wind turbines are planted at just the same time as a revitalised oil industry booms, fed by recent advances in deepwater energy extraction technologies. The problem is that there are not enough skilled workers to meet the demand, according to a recent BBC focus on reborn offshore services hub Aberdeen, Scotland; and alarmingly the shortage is likely to become progressively more acute. Present-day employers need to hold on to highly-trained staff, and one of the ways to do that is to keep them as comfortable as possible as they journey to-and-fro the offshore installations on the frequently lumpy North Sea.Recognising the trend, Chevalier Floatels commissioned Holland Shipyards  to convert and upgrade extensively their Offshore Service Vessel (OSV) DP Gezina, remarking wisely : “In the end it is the engineers who determine the success of any project. Preventing seasickness an... [More]

Blue Ship Invest receives new build PSV 'Blue Thunder'

By Peter Pospiech at May 23, 2013 11:52
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Ulstein Verft delivered ‘Blue Thunder’, the fourth of six medium-sized platform supply vessels of the PX121 design from ULSTEIN® mid of March to Blue Ship Invest. Owned by Blue Ship Invest, a wholly-owned company in Ulstein Group, the platform supply vessel (PSV) is commercially and technically under the management of Atlantic Offshore. ‘Blue Thunder’ will enter a 4-month contract with Statoil, with 4 monthly options. “We have received good feedback from the operators on her three sister vessels, and we are very pleased that this ship also enters into a contract for work in the North Sea,” says Gunvor Ulstein, CEO of Ulstein Group and Managing Director of Ulstein Shipping, adding that the remaining two vessels will be delivered later this year and all six vessels are for sale.In the North Sea, PSVs of the PX121 designs are considered medium-sized. The vessels with this design have an optimal combination of fuel-efficiency and deadweight. They hav... [More]

New Tall Ship for Royal Navy of Oman from Damen Shipyard

By Peter Pospiech at May 20, 2013 03:41
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Damen’s third modern-day steel clipper The Ministry of Defence in Oman has awarded Damen Shipyards Group a contract for the construction of a Sail Training Vessel (STV). The 87-metre square rigged, three-masted steel clipper and will take up her role as flagship. In addition to its key role of training young Omani navy cadets and officers, the new clipper will be deployed in a distinct diplomatic role and emphasize Oman’s centuries-old maritime tradition. Due for delivery in August 2014, the ship will replace the RNO’s current RNOV ‘Shabab Oman’ and will be in the RNO Fleet. In March (2013) the ship’s keel laying ceremony took place at Damen Shipyards Galati (Romania). This was conducted by Rear Admiral Al Raisi, the RNO’s commander-in-chief. The RNO has an eight-strong overseeing team stationed in Romania.The enhanced navy recruitment and training are part of Oman’s drive to increase its naval capabilities along its 3,165 kilometer coast... [More]

New Aker Arctic Oblique Icebreaker

By Peter Pospiech at May 17, 2013 04:57
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The ARC 100 HD increases ice management and pollution control capability As a result of the increased tanker traffic in the Gulf of Finland and an innovation campaign Aker Arctic has developed a revolutionary new type of vessel, an asymmetric ice-breaker. This oblique icebreaker takes further the already well known "double acting" stern working icebreaking method by being able to break an ice channel of 50 m width by proceeding with the side ahead. In addition to icebreaking, the vessel is excellent also during the ice season in oil spill combat operations, in escort and emergency towing, fire fighting and ecological monitoring. Thus the vessel by its performance replaces several traditional vessels in a compact, cost-efficient high performance unit.The vessel is a compact size icebreaking vessel provided with diesel-electric propulsion with three azimuthing thruster propellers. The propulsion solution and the special hull form allow the vessel to operate efficiently ahead, astern and ... [More]

New doublehull inland tanker DETTMER TANK 140 in operation

By Peter Pospiech at May 15, 2013 05:07
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Europe‘s largest family shipping company invests in fleet expansion B.Dettmer Reederei GmbH&Co.KG, Bremen, largest European family owned inland shipping company, transports with most modern ships up to 3.500 t loading capacity as well as tug-barges up to 6.000 t goods of all kinds on the European inland waterway systems. It is a company maxim to invest continuously in the latest state of the art tank ships. On 28. February 2013 the most modern inland tank ship took off at Hitzler Shipyard in Lauenburg, Germany. Management official Julia Dettmer mentioned that owners Dettmer Reederei had invested around €5.8 million in the new Type C tankship, being officially named as DETTMER TANK 140 and going into service in May. She will be the prototype for Dettmer tankers of the future.  DETTMER TANK 140 shortly after its watering “Because of the high technology demands we have created one of the most modern ships on Germany’s waterways”, said Ms Dettmer. The... [More]

New DP Control System & Pod Thruster Simplify Operation, Save Fuel

By George Backwell at May 11, 2013 00:26
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DP systems have become increasingly complex in their configurations and in their operation aince they were introduced some 50 years ago; sensors have become more sophisticated, there are more of them and the same level of increased complexity applies to the electrical and propulsion systems. GE Power Conversion decided to simplify things and save fuel on occasion, with their new DP control station.The computer control at the heart of a ship’s positioning system has also become more sophisticated, but the basic principle of DP remains the same: to hold position with a computer system that takes signals from a range of sensors to sense environment, heading, position and attitude and then issues commands to thrusters and propellers. Overall, it is in charge of the complex processes of maintaining a ship on station, a process that needs a high level of system automation so that a single operator can manage the vessel. New DP Control Station: Image credit GE Power Conversion Introduci... [More]

Hamburg Port Authority named new pilot tender „LOTSE 4”

Lightweight aluminum structure for low fuel consumptionHamburg Port Authority (HPA) received a brand new pilot boat and named it LOTSE 4. Godmother was Mrs Cordula Ortmann, employee of the Hamburg Port Pilot Brotherhood (Hafenlotsenbrüderschaft).The around 1.7 million EURO expensive boat has been built at Shipyard Hermann Barthel in Derben, Germany. The shipyard built the boat in around nine month. With this new ship HPA owns now four pilot tender.Dimensions of the new boat are of 18 m in length, 4.82 m width and a max depth of 1.25 m. Two MAN Diesel engines with an output of 360 kW each at 1.800 rpm enforce the boat up to 20 knots. The propulsion concept includes furthermore two reverse gear units and a hydraulic controlled helm. Crew consists of one skipper and one ships mechanic. The new pilot tender during its christening ceremony To reduce exhaust emissions HPA selected drive motors which fall short of the existing exhaust emission legislations by 30%. Furthermore, instead o... [More]

A tamper-proof engine protection system

By Peter Pospiech at May 07, 2013 09:56
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Deutz DieselPower, DDP, the sole distributor for Sales, Support and Service for all Deutz engines in South Africa and certain Anglophone African Countries has introduced the DDFS (Deutz Dieselpower Failsafe System) which protects engines in the toughest working conditions, such as e.g. work boats and other applications, where even minor faults, if overlooked, can easily become serious breakdowns. The DDFSystem has been developed fully by technicians of DDP.  A tiny little box prevents thousends of EUROs on severe engine damages Incorporating the latest technology in engine monitoring and controlling, the DDFS system protects engines from severe damage and therefore increases engine life. The DDFS system is designed to monitor all engine functions and react according to pre-set parameters.  If for example the shutdown mode is activated, the engine cannot be restarted until the problem is rectified. Removal or disconnection of the DDFS controller will also prevent the engine f... [More]

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