European Inland Waterway Shipping in search of the ultimate propulsion

By Peter Pospiech at October 08, 2013 05:36
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MV GOBLIN navigates variable Willy Vranken, owner of Scheepvaartbedrijf VrankenBV based in Maasbracht, Netherlands, has put a lot of thoughts into a propulsion system for his new inland waterway ship, which ensures the maximum benefit for him. At Boost-Shipyard, Trier / Germany, the hull was built: “I want to have a ship which is of high quality. The imported hulls do not fulfill my requirements”. The complete interior has been done by Dutch company Koedood Dieselservice. The bulker, named GOBLIN, features 135 m in length, 11.45 m in width and a max draft of 3.79 m. With this the ship can load 4.400 to. Bulker GOBLIN ready for unloading 4.000 to corn at Cargill-Krefeld The hybrid propulsion Willy Vranken has decided to go for a two propeller ship. “With this, I have the possibility to navigate also in low water periods, because both the propellers have a smaller diameter”. The drive line consist, for each shaft, of a 12 cyl Mitsubishi Diesel Engine of type... [More]

Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System Links Boat Driveline & Navigation

By George Backwell at August 02, 2013 23:48
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‘Glass cockpit system’  – though a term likely not familiar to sailors – was chosen by Volvo Penta to describe a new driveline and navigation display system, which they say changes the design of the boat driver’s environment from scratch. Basically, ‘glass cockpit’, as understood by aviators, features a large LCD or LED electronic instrument display on a single screen that can be adjusted to show information of interest from flight management systems;  a development designed to allow pilots to put their focus on only the most pertinent information rather than on numerous mechanically linked dials and gauges. This is the concept Volvo Penta has developed and ‘sailorized’ in conjunction with Garmin International’s marine business segment.Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit Information & Control System: Rendering courtesy of Volvo Penta Offered in 8-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch multi-function display or a 15-inch, 17-inch and 19... [More]

Successful: Germanys Navy “Oil Hunter”

By Peter Pospiech at July 31, 2013 05:20
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Control air crafts of the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies in Cuxhaven, Germany, keep an eye on oil violator in the North- and Baltic Sea. Since both the air crafts are controlling the main shipping routes of the German Bay and also in the German territory the number of sea polluter are getting less, says Ulrike Windhövel from the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies in Cuxhaven. Also the detected amounts of oil are remarkably smaller than before.In 2012, same like in 2011, around 41 pollutions have been discovered whereof 9 oil violators in each year could be identified. With 59 oil violators in 2004 the most contempt could be detected. Since the beginning of oil detection from the air around 4.116 pollutions could be detected, whereof 565 could be assigned to the causer.The covered area of North- and Baltic Sea is around 115.000 square kilometers. A particular focus is done by the “Oil Hunter” on the water ways, oil rigs and gas fields, fishing grounds a... [More]

A tamper-proof engine protection system

By Peter Pospiech at May 07, 2013 09:56
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Deutz DieselPower, DDP, the sole distributor for Sales, Support and Service for all Deutz engines in South Africa and certain Anglophone African Countries has introduced the DDFS (Deutz Dieselpower Failsafe System) which protects engines in the toughest working conditions, such as e.g. work boats and other applications, where even minor faults, if overlooked, can easily become serious breakdowns. The DDFSystem has been developed fully by technicians of DDP.  A tiny little box prevents thousends of EUROs on severe engine damages Incorporating the latest technology in engine monitoring and controlling, the DDFS system protects engines from severe damage and therefore increases engine life. The DDFS system is designed to monitor all engine functions and react according to pre-set parameters.  If for example the shutdown mode is activated, the engine cannot be restarted until the problem is rectified. Removal or disconnection of the DDFS controller will also prevent the engine f... [More]

Look, No Hands! Boats of the Future Debut at Middle East Expo

By George Backwell at February 16, 2013 07:38
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Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV) built locally in Abu Dhabi by Al Seer Marine, based on the experience of four generations of such craft designed, built and tested by 5G International, take up centre stage at this week’s IDEX (International Defence Exhibition & Conference) 2013 Expo in Abu Dhabi. That these three sleek, fine-lined craft should grab attention needs no further explanation to those who recall the youthful pleasure of putting a remotely controlled speedboat through its paces on some pond. With these boats that basic idea is seen taken to its ultimate potential. Eclipse 11m FRP Hulled USV: Photo credit: Al Seer Marine The three models making their debut at the IDEX Expo are: Sea Serpent, the small 3m (9.8 ft) ‘jet ski’ version Boomeranger, the larger 11m ( (36.1 ft) RIB Eclipse, the top-of-class (same length) FRP. All of these boats are true robots, programmable so as to give a patrol boat’s surveillance protection to drilling rigs and other offs... [More]

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