New 300hp (224 kW) Diesel Outboard

At the recent international defence exhibition (DSEi) in London, a new lightweight diesel engine was on display from Cox Powertrain developed with Ricardo UK. The power dense of 300hp (224 kW)/4,000rpm is a 3.6 liter supercharged 2-stroke diesel engine, weighing 136 kg. The four cylinder, eight piston engine module features an opposed piston (OP) configuration and uses a Scotch Yoke cranking, saving weight and moving parts. A two module variant will produce 700+hp. Some variants may be able to deliver up to 900 hp. Beta testing will commence in 2014 with an estimated launch date for the outboard motor version in 2016. [More]

Honda Marine’s New Outboard Pair to Debut in Europe 2014

By George Backwell at September 21, 2013 00:18
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Two new 4-cylinder outboard engines from Honda Marine soon to be introduced to the recreational boat market share the same specs, but the power rating of one is 20% more than the other, how come? Well, the more powerful of these two hi-tech engines, the BF100, which produces 74 kW, comes with Honda’s patent VTEC ™ feature whilst the lookalike BF80 does not, and that penalises it 15 kW at full throttle. The new outboard engines: Image courtesy of Honda Marine In a nutshell VTEC ™  (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control), cleverly dubbed by Honda ‘replacement for displacement’ (a standard in the Honda automobile sector) varies the lift and duration of the intake valves by using two cam lobe profiles to operate the intake valves as shown in the sketch below: VTEC ™ image courtesy of Honda Marine The low-lift, short duration cam lobes (shown in red) provide strong torque at low rpm. At higher rpm, a synchronising piston engages the thi... [More]

All-Electric High-Performance Outboard in Production

By George Backwell at March 02, 2013 04:19
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All-electric high performance motor boats, long the dream of eco-aware, cost-conscious boaters have become a reality, thanks to a collaboration between two companies at the cutting edge of technology in their respective fields.U.S-based Johnson Controls, having already made the enormous financial investment necessary to make them market leaders in the production of Lythium-Ion batteries for mass-produced hybrid road vehicles, were able to come up with the affordable waterproof version that outboard engine manufacturer, Germany’s Torqeedo, needs to power up its new ‘Deep Blue’ system. All Electric Hi-Performance Outboard 'Deep Blue' in Action: Photo credit Torqueedo In due course, Torqeedo gathered laurels at the  Miami International Boat Show in February where Deep Blue won the Show’s annual Innovation Award in the propulsion category for being the world's first industrially produced 80 hp electric engine powered by batteries adapted specifically for the ma... [More]

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